Internet Projects Mediakit 2014 - page 1

Wearehappy to introduceRussianEmirates InternetProjects,
theultimateguide to lifeand leisure in theUAE.
Since thestartofouronlineactivityover10yearsago, Russian
Emirateswebsiteshavebecome the leadingsourceof information
about theUAE inRussian language. RussianEmiratesPublishingwas
thefirstcompany in theUAE tomake itsmagazinesavailableonline
(HTML, Flash) forawider readershipof Internetusers.
Our Internet resourcesprovide informationon topicsasdiverse
asUAEhistory, culture, accommodation, shopping, events,
promotions, lifestyle, investment, finance, andact asamajor
socializingandnetworkingvenueamong theRussian-speaking
community in theUAEandabroad.
All statistical dataandaudience insight isprovided
by independent international audit services (Google
Analytics,Yandex,Mail.Ru). RussianEmiratesPublishing
uses feedback forms, systems for collectingand
monitoring statistics, software for automatic registration
in searchengines and ratings, andmanyother tools
toensure that thewebsitesoperateat high level and
stay in top ratings formost popular searchqueries.
Using theNewMediaTo theFullest
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